One Lovely Blog Award


I have been nominated for the “One lovely blog award” by Dee over at Thanks Dee! Hopefully I do this properly. I just started blogging, so no promises😊

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Display the award on your post of the award.
  4. List 7 facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 15 bloggers and comment on their post to let them know you have nominated them.

7 facts about me:

  1. I love mashed potatoes, they are my favorite!
  2. I never finished college.
  3. I can’t stand when people are late.
  4. I bite my nails.
  5. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, due to nightmares.
  6. Laundry is the worst! Ew
  7. I really need a vacation.

I nominate: