HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Things have been really great lately! I am really looking forward to the weekend! I have big plans! I fully intend on writing my newest blog about my newest hobby! I have found an amazing thing that I simply LOVE doing. I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Also I plan on painting this weekend! I can’t wait and I can’t wait to share my newest piece of art with everyone. Hopefully it turns out so I can share it LOL. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my artwork so if it is not perfect I will toss it! Why can’t I be a perfectionist about the housework? Or the laundry? Man I seriously hate the laundry. I hate the dishes too…I think I just hate anything housework related. ANYWAY, I am so excited to write this weekend!!




8 thoughts on “Excited!!

  1. Thanks for sharing the positive message! A dear friend once told me to “relinquish control”, it has helped me to enjoy moments instead of always cleaning. Enjoy your weekend. Check out my blog too!

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  2. I don’t often have time to reply to posts I enjoy but today I forced myself to do NOTHING today haha. But I want you to know I truly enjoy your blog! I have 4 kids and its cool to see a mom out there having f u need and enjoying life with her kids. Not to mention you have an amazing positive attitude! Thank you.

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