Down For The Count

This thought of the day will be short and sweet. Just wanted to share this with all of my friends out there. I have just tried the ZUMBA Wii for the first time. The phrase “I can’t feel my face” now has a whole new meaning. I can’t feel my face…my legs…my arms…my feet…. I will certainly be regretting this decision in the morning. That is all.



18 thoughts on “Down For The Count

  1. OH my God Rachel, I can’t stop laughing! I remember the first time I tried Just Dance… the most tiring yet awesome week I had spent with my friends! So many memories!

    By the way, your new theme is really cool! Oh, and a friend has just challenged me to participate in some weird photo challenge. I may nominate you these days, I guess I’ll send you an e-mail when that happens.

    Have fun with Zumba! Oh, here comes the laughter again… bugger it!


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    1. HAHA D!! Omg I literally can’t move right now! I have absolutely no rhythm. Trying to get into shape is not easy! Ha Thanks so much for the compliment on my new theme!! It was confusing but I managed! I would love if you nominated me for something fun and new!


    1. Haha yes I am finding out just how hard the Wii Fit is! It is very hard to find time. I try to wait until they are down for a nap but even that doesn’t work sometimes. I wish I could work out everyday and that was my initial goal but chasing around two toddlers makes it hard!


  2. hahaaa! I know what you mean. I did a zumba class once and had to drive home! OMG my legs were shaking so much that I had a hard time pushing the gas. When I got home I literally passed out. I’m your newest follower from MBC, I hope that you can find some time to stop by my blog. I’ll be back to visit soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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